AP Tech’s solid chemistry water treatment products are shipped in concentrated form and then dissolved on-site at the point of application (when using bottles and discs) or directly in an open portion of the system (when using sticks, bxd, or tablets).

The dissolving unit is mounted to a wall or structure and connected to an incoming make-up water line. The solution outlet of the dissolving unit is connected to industry common chemical feed equipment such as a metering pump.

The equipment makes a ready-to-be-fed product according to the demands of the water treatment program. Water is sprayed through a specially configured and calibrated spray nozzle up into the bottle or onto the surface of the lowest positioned disc. The water dissolves a portion of the product and collects it in the reservoir. This liquified product is now ready to be fed into the system. 

AP Tech’s solid chemistry is dispensed using a variety of units, depending on system requirements.

Key features of the equipment include:

  • Achieve a neat and clean mechanical room with dispensing units mounted on a wall or structure and connected to a 3/8″ water line.
  • A solenoid valve allows water to spray onto the product.
  • The spray pattern is optimized to allow consistent dissolution of product.
  • The product is fed into the system using industry standard delivery equipment.
For a complete listing of AP Tech solid chemistry equipment, please visit SolidGuide.

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