Switch to Solids Helps Government Facilities Increase Safety and Reduce Costs

Government facilities are under constant pressure to operate safely, efficiently, and cost effectively. Since 2002, hundreds of federal, state and local government facilities have made the switch to AP Tech’s solids. They are eager to remove the risks associated with shipping, receiving and handling 300-pound, 55-gallon drums of liquid chemicals. Solids remove this risk with easy- and safe-to-carry solids, a case of solids weighing only 44-pounds will replace an entire drum of liquids.

Solid chemistry for water treatment provides environmental and risk management advantages important to government facilities:

  • Solids are an innovative choice to keep boilers, cooling towers, chillers and closed loop systems running at optimum efficiency and in prime condition.
  • All AP Tech Group products are developed and produced using the EPA’s Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry, emphasizing safety, efficiency and conservation of resources.
  • Solids are safer than liquids to transport, handle, store and dispose of containers.
  • Minimize too warm or too cool complaints.
  • Reduce water consumption and save on energy costs.
  • Reduce maintenance and chemical handling time.

Government customers and contractors also appreciate the excellent service provided by our select GSA contract water treatment partners. These firms are familiar with serving government customers and secure facilities. Our distribution network of water treatment partners can deliver the environmental and risk reduction benefits of solid chemistry water treatment virtually anywhere.

In many cases, our water treatment partners serve as subcontractors to facilities management contractors holding GSA 03FAC contracts. Our distribution network spans the full range of socioeconomic categories, from multi-national corporations to certified small and disadvantaged businesses.

AP Tech and its government and GSA contract water treatment partners are able to provide sales support and technical support to help facilities management professionals make the switch to solids with existing customers and to win new business.

Case Study – Solids Bring Success to Federal Buildings



One of AP Tech’s distributors began treating a large federal facility. At the time of start-up, the cooling towers and chillers were only 6 months old. Already, the cooling tower fill, had accumulated 1/4” scale in some areas.

Due to the weight of the excessive scale buildup, it began to crumble and stack up at the bottom near the basin. Additional scalling could be found at the basin of the of the tower below the water line and the cooling tower hot distribution decks.


It wasn’t until the following year that the distributor was able to see the inside of the chillers. They began using OLC-C, a solid cleaner/ dispersant in solid form, which assists in removal of deposit and scale build-up in water systems.


Results were seen immedietly. Within a couple months, the scale got thinner inside the fill. After five months, the scale which had formed on the cooling tower basin also started thinning and even began flaking off. After a little over a year the cooling tower fill was almost completely clean and the basin scale has gone from 1/4” thickness to egg-shell thin. The AP Tech distributor was present when the chillers were opened for an annual inspection the following year. It was evident that the scale deposits were being removed. The distributor was pleased to see the 400 ton chiller completely clean. The AP Tech distributor has been awarded 14 additional buildings due to the success of the OLC-C program. In addition, they’ve learned the clear benefits and value of solid chemistry water treatment technology and solutions.

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