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Join the team that makes a positive difference in water treatment.

AP Tech serves over 200 water treatment partners who supply AP Tech’s solid chemistry water treatment programs to over 10,000 customers in North America, Central America, South America, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Even with the tremendous growth of solids since AP Tech’s inception 20+ years ago, there are still thousands and thousands of customers around the globe who could benefit from making the switch to solids — and we rely of water treatment partners like you to help them realize the benefits and make the switch.

If you would like to know more about partnering with us to make a positive difference in water treatment around the globe, please contact us!

Partner Benefits

AP Tech provides access to tools, technical and commercial support, and education to help partners provide exceptional programs and service to their end customers.

  • Solid chemistry provides a complete line of water treatment products to meet all water treatment needs for boiler, cooling, and closed-loop systems without the hassle of  shipping or handling liquids.
  • Cooling tower, boiler  and closed loop surveys and calculators to help identify which solid products to use, estimated usage amounts based on specific water and system parameters, and calculate the energy savings provided by solid chemistry and equipment.
  • Technical and commercial support for building a program, installing new equipment, and ongoing program optimization.
  • Mechanical specifications, including specifications for building new or upgraded mechanical rooms.
  • Videos to assist training on solids and for activities such as equipment installations.
  • Marketing support
  • Product SDS, bulletins
  • Webinars, on such topics as product selection, equipment, and sales techniques 
  • Competitive tiered pricing
  • Product private label options are available