If you’re still using liquids, now is the time to make the switch to solid chemistry water treatment. Get proven water treatment results without shipping water or handling hazardous chemical drums.

In most cases, solid chemistry water treatment is the same chemistry used in liquids. The only difference is that we’re not shipping water or putting people at risk with dangerous liquid solutions in 30- or 55-gallon drums moving around worksites, universities, lodging, and other locations. Across the globe, solids provide an effective alternative for treating water where shipping, storage, and handling constraints of liquid chemicals are prohibitive.

Switching to solids is simple. It will make your water treatment program more efficient and sustainable.

There are so many significant benefits of solid chemistry over liquid chemistry it’s important to consider the trade-offs

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Our experienced team of water treatment experts (chemists, chemical engineers, chemical and equipment lab technicians, along with our operators and logistics team) are here to support you in making the switch to solid chemistry water treatment. What are you waiting for?​