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Our team is here to consult on technical or commercial issues, to help develop RFP specifications, trouble-shoot, make the switch to solids, or anything else about water treatment.


Jim Heimert ::: Founder

AP Tech’s founder, Jim Heimert, started his career like many water treatment professionals, by selling liquids. A chemist by education and a consultant by nature, once Jim discovered solids, he recognized their incredible potential to radically change water treatment — an industry that hasn’t changed much since its inception — for the better.

“I always sell from a technical standpoint. I was sure that if we can put water treatment chemistry together with liquids, I knew that we could do it without water. Same chemistry, different form. No fillers, no water, only the chemistry you need.” Jim continued, “Our customers [water treatment providers] know what’s in it and how it works. Their customers just know that solids work.”

Jim founded AP Tech to produce a superior solid chemistry water treatment product. Two decades later, AP Tech is the leading global supplier of solid chemistry technology and equipment. AP Tech’s water treatment programs are safer for people, the planet, for businesses, and for profit. Across the globe, solids provide an effective alternative for treating water where shipping, storage, and handling constraints of hazardous liquid chemicals are prohibitive.

Although solids are still only a minor percent of the total water treatment market compared to liquids, there are so many benefits that more and more programs are making the switch every day. Jim continues to lead the industry change by investing in a robust water treatment innovation pipeline for solids and equipment. He innovates on-behalf-of and in-collaboration-with water treatment partners to identify solutions to the many water treatment challenges their customers face around the world.

Founded in 1999, AP Tech now serves over 200 water treatment partners who supply AP Tech’s solid chemistry technology and equipment to water treatment programs to over 10,000 customers in North America, Central America, South America, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand, and South Africa.

In 2019, AP Tech moved and expanded its global corporate headquarters, manufacturing, and research facilities to West Chester, Ohio, USA. In 2013, European headquarters were opened. A warehouse is located in Middlesex (London) to serve the UK, European, and African markets. In addition to facilities in Ohio and the UK, AP Tech products are licensed for manufacturing in the Czech Republic, to further serve the UK and European markets, and Brazil.

AP Tech ranked in the Inc. 500/5000 list of the fastest growing privately held companies for five consecutive years and was nominated for the EPA Presidential Green Chemistry Award in 2007 and 2010. AP Tech has been a finalist in the Cincinnati Business Courier Green Awards and several chamber of commerce business award competitions.

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Katie Lee ::: CEO

Katie Lee has been a key member of AP Tech’s executive and leadership team since 2011. She was appointed to CEO in 2021. Reflecting on her appointment, Lee said, “I am excited for the opportunity to lead the execution of strategies we have set out for the future of AP Tech. I am surrounded by a fantastic team that is passionate about what we do, and why we do it. AP Tech was founded on the principle that the water treatment industry should offer exceptional solid products that are safe and easy to transport and apply. This principle has successfully guided us for 20 years as a manufacturer of solid water treatment and will continue to be our foundation as we bring new products and innovations to the water treatment industry and beyond.”

Prior to becoming CEO in 2021, Katie ran all financial aspects of AP Tech’s global operations. Prior to working at AP Tech she spent over fifteen years as an economic transfer pricing consultant to multinational companies, with a focus on work in the automotive, and oil and gas industries. Katie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Miami University.

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Matt Horine ::: President

AP Tech’s Matt Horine is leading AP Tech’s effort to increase the use of solid chemistry technology and equipment for water treatment around the globe. Horine leads the execution of the company’s strategies for growth in its core water treatment market along with working with CEO, Katie Lee, to align longer term strategies for the continued growth of AP Tech. In addition, Matt works closely with key partners and build relationships within the industry.

“It’s an honor to lead this team. We introduced a superior product to the marketplace and have been innovating ever since. We’re expanding the reach of solids globally and are improving delivery and monitoring systems. Solids are going where liquids can’t and I’m really excited to lead during this time of growth,” said Matt. A Chemical Engineer and graduate of the University of Cincinnati, Matt holds 15-years of water treatment experience with AP Tech. The advantage of seeing the company evolve from its early years has allowed him to recognize and participate in all facets of the business.

Prior to his role as President, Horine served AP Tech as Vice President of Engineering from 2009-2017, then as Managing Director from 2017–2021. He is a Chemical Engineer and graduate of the University of Cincinnati.

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Matt Haikalis, VP of Sales

Matt Haikalis, CWT ::: VP of Sales

AP Tech demonstrates commitment to exceptional water treatment results and customer service with the addition of Matt Haikalis to its leadership team. As Technical Sales Director, Matt will strengthen AP Tech’s technical and commercial support capabilities. For new and existing partners, he will provide strategic commercial support in water treatment program innovation and the development of proprietary business solutions. He will provide technical support to optimize programs and help keep partners up-to-date with advances in solid chemistry technology and equipment.

“As the global leader of solid chemistry technology and equipment for water treatment, AP Tech is committed to providing exceptional products and customer service. We’re excited to have Matt Haikalis strengthen our ability to serve our partners well. With Matt’s experience in water treatment and chemistry, he’ll help our partners deliver value-added program optimization and introduce new solutions to their customers,” said Matt Horine, AP Tech Managing Director.

Matt has 20 years of experience in the water treatment industry. His technical and commercial areas of expertise include boiler, cooling and closed loop water treatment and pre-treatment, system design, and troubleshooting. Prior to joining AP Tech, he was Midwest District Manager with Veolia Water Technologies responsible for supporting sales and technical service teams with program development and long-term program optimization.

Matt is a graduate of the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration.

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Megan Marquardt - AP Tech

Megan Marquardt ::: Marketing Coordinator & Sales Support


AP Tech’s Megan Marquardt leads Customer Support for North America. In this role, she supports water treatment partners who supply AP Tech’s solid chemistry technology and equipment to thousands of water treatment programs across the continent.

Megan is familiar with every aspect of the AP Tech business. She is a graduate of Miami University and after spending five years in account management with Cintas, Megan joined the AP Tech team and her roles and responsibilities have evolved along the way. He responsibilities now include overseeing and coordinating marketing initiatives, providing sales support, education on solids, answering partner questions, providing RFP language, data, or other specifications, trade show coordination, and more.

“I have real passion for what we do,” said Megan. “Because of my experience in so many aspects of the solids business, I can answer just about any question a customer may have. And when I can’t, I know who can. Every day I’m partnering with others on our technical support or sales support teams to solve the water treatment challenges our partners face.”

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Mike Hunter ::: Global Technical Director

AP Tech’s Mike Hunter provides exceptional service to water treatment partners and customers around the globe. As a chemist with over 35 years of sales, service and management experience in commercial water treatment, Mike helps customers create safe and sustainable water treatment programs by:
Helping partners determine if solids are a sustainable alternative to liquids.
Helping the end customer to make the switch.
Optimizing programs over time to ensure the water treatment programs run smoothly.
Provide partner training and technical support.
Mike has been with AP Tech since 2013. He began his career at Houseman Hegro as a sales and service trainee in 1977, after obtaining his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Salford University. During his 22-year career at Housemen, he progressed through a series of sales and technical responsibilities to senior management roles.
In 1999, Mike joined Halox Technologies as VP Sales and Marketing where he was a key contributor to the introduction of a revolutionary chlorine dioxide generator. Along with three partners, Mike launched Waterchem (UK) in 2004. As Sales Director of the Water Division at Waterchem, Mike was also responsible for the technical support function and product development aspects of the chemical range within the company. In 2010, Waterchem was sold to Green Compliance plc.
Todd Lee, VP of Operations

Todd Lee ::: Vice President of Operations

AP Tech’s Todd Lee directs operations for the global manufacturer of solid chemistry and equipment for water treatment. Todd oversees the day-to-day business from the time an order is placed to the time it is shipped out and everything in between. He leads AP Tech’s efforts across manufacturing including the blending of all solid chemistry products, raw materials procurement, production scheduling, packaging, and processing for shipment.
All orders are processed by Todd and his team from customers around the globe. He frequently works with water treatment buyers and sales reps to ensure everything is ordered appropriately and delivered with excellence.
Todd was the first AP Tech employee with Jim Heimert when he founded the company. He started out blending when the company was a startup in an 800-square foot building and has helped it grow into a global organization. “Together we’ve done it all and seen it all in the water treatment business,” said Todd. “And today, it’s just as exciting as ever. Solid chemistry water treatment products are going everywhere…especially places that are challenging for shipping, handling and maintaining liquid chemistry programs. There’s a lot of growth for solids coming in the pipeline and I’m here to make sure that AP Tech can make it happen.”
Todd oversees operations for over 200 water treatment partners who supply solid chemistry technology and equipment to water treatment programs to over 10,000 customers in North America, Central America, South America, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand.
Todd holds a Bachelor of Science in Operations Management and Procurement from Miami University.
David Naylor - AP Tech

David Naylor ::: Engineering Manager

AP Tech’s David Naylor manages the equipment and tech sides of the solid chemistry water treatment business.  

David and his team focus on advancing equipment design and performance. He manages a complete line of dissolving equipment that effectively and reliably delivers dissolved chemical solutions when used with AP Tech’s solids in a variety of water treatment applications. He helps customers develop their equipment plan for large-scale or remote boiler and cooling programs with multiple units and smaller water treatment systems.  
“Equipment. Programming. IT. I’m your guy,” David explains. “I’m proud to have helped design and program AP Tech’s enduroTEQ Ultra-S dissolver. It is the most revolutionary dissolver ever made — smart, small and simple —the Ultra-S is highly regarded in the water treatment industry for its innovative characteristics and small footprint.”
The team can help water treatment partners determine which equipment their customers need based on their water treatment environment and other aspects of a program. This may include analyzing wall space for mounting the equipment, understanding the reservoir need or if the system is gravity fed, if the water treater needs to feed DuroBrom, and how many units a customer may need.
“David leads equipment innovation efforts to help solve customer specific business needs or water treatment challenges,” said Matt Horine, AP Tech Managing Director. “This includes optimizing the sleek and neat appearance of wall or rack mounted equipment, scaling equipment to manage small or large water treatment programs, and process improvement.”
David will attend sales calls and trade shows with water treatment providers to help their customers make the switch to solids or upgrade equipment. For new customers, he provides guidance to help water treatment partners choose equipment and install it into a program. For current customers, he provides guidance on upgrading equipment, expanding programs, or to trouble shoot and provide support. David holds a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Cincinnati.
Andy Kinnett - AP Tech

Andy Kinnett ::: Product Manager


AP Tech’s Andy Kinnett manages the Research & Development Lab and the Quality Control Lab for the global manufacturer. In the R&D lab, Andy focuses on product improvements and manufacturing process improvements. In the quality lab, Andy oversees the testing of every batch of solid chemistry product for composition and conformance to assure customers are getting the same high-quality water treatment product every time.

“We’re constantly working to try and solve someone’s challenge. I enjoy the collaborative atmosphere. I love the problem-solving aspect of it,” stated Kinnett. “Sometimes it is coming up with a totally new product when they need to fill a gap. Other times it is bundling several solid chemistry products together to provide customers with the exact mix they had in their liquid chemistry program.”

AP Tech invests short- and long-term research projects with their water treatment partners to innovate products and equipment in an effort to solve their customer’s challenges. Andy helps manage these new product and equipment requests from idea to implementation.

“Since we moved to our new location, we have doubled our lab space. This provides Andy and his team even more capacity to get into the applications side of things. It’s critical for us to continue learning with our partners about how our solid chemistry water treatment products are applied in the field,” said Matt Horine, AP Tech Managing Director.

R&D is a collaborative effort between AP Tech’s technical and manufacturing teams and water treatment providers. Kinnett’s team explores a lot of ideas. Ideas with merit are tested in small batches in the lab to determine if there is a performance or efficiency benefit. After initial formulation and testing, the team designs a manufacturing process and begins applications testing.

Andy studied Mathematics at the University of Cincinnati. 

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Evan Sturm ::: Technical Sales Specialist

AP Tech’s Evan Sturm provides technical guidance and support to water treatment partners nationwide.He consults from a technical perspective on solid chemistry water treatment products and their applications. He is responsible for providing education and building understanding of the options and benefits of solid chemistry for water treatment as compared to liquid chemistry programs.
As a technical consultant, Evan helps water treatment professionals optimize programs that already use solids, trouble shoot if issues arise, aid in the understanding of when to boost a liquid program with solid sticks, or how to make the shift from a liquid program to a solid chemistry program.
Evan supports partners as they research their customer’s needs and helps them recommend the most efficient and effective water treatment program. He consults on products, equipment, applications, or individual water treatment situations.
Evan regularly seeks input from distributors in the field about what challenges they face and where AP Tech can help. He conducts trainings on solid chemistry products, where they are best used, and best practices for using solids. He conducts business reviews to help water treatment professionals optimize and strengthen programs.
Prior to joining AP Tech, Evan gained field experience as a water and energy manager focusing on product implementation, equipment diagnoses and trouble-shooting, and installing and repairing equipment. Evan holds a Mechanical Engineering Degree from the University of Cincinnati. 
Mindy Hoarston - AP Tech

Mindy Hoarston ::: Technical Sales Specialist


AP Tech’s Mindy Hoarston also provides technical guidance and support to water treatment partners nationwide. She was initially drawn to AP Tech by the unique sustainability and safety benefits of their products.

“I enjoy being part of a smart, dynamic, and collaborative team whose members are all dedicated to making our customers successful with solid chemistry for water treatment,” stated Hoarston.

Mindy has 20 plus years of Technical Service and Sales. Previously she worked with polymers for flexible packaging and with industrial and municipal pumps and valves. She holds a Chemical Engineering Degree from the University of Cincinnati.

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