Our purpose is to build a dynamic, entrepreneurial organization that leads the way with new and unique technologies and products that creates rewarding relationships both professionally and personally.

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AP Tech - Chemistry Innovation


Manufacture in the U.S.A, AP Tech innovates on-behalf-of and in-collaboration-with water treatment partners to identify solutions to the many water treatment challenges their customers face around the world. As an industry expert in innovative chemical manufacturing, AP Tech will work with you to develop an out-of-the-box solution for your water treatment needs. 

AP Tech Manufacturing


From our 8,600 ft² office/laboratory space located in West Chester, OH,  we manufacture safe and reliable water solutions.  Our in-house R&D and QA/QC labs assure that our chemistry is consistently delivering optimal results.



We’ve partnered with over 200 water treatment companies worldwide that offer our  technology. In addition, we collaborate with industry leaders to provide cutting edge solutions for a multitude of water related scenarios and to provide you with the latest technological advancements in water treatment. 

AP Tech - Solid Chemistry Installation


Since 2002, we’ve manufactured cutting-edge solutions for water treatment.  We dedicate time and resources to ensure we deliver responsible solutions that benefit both people and planet. We value  honesty and strive to provide you with the best solutions for your water treatment needs.


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