Over one-million best-fit sites for solid chemistry water treatment currently exist, and the growth potential for solids is exponential. New application opportunities are all around us. 

  • It’s the 100-ton evaporative condenser in a cold storage facility that you’re currently treating with 5-gallon pails.
  • It’s the low-pressure boiler system in a challenging-to-reach and tightly-spaced mechanical room.
  • It’s the numerous closed looped systems with a complex of commercial properties where you are transferring liquids from pails into pot feeders.
  • It’s the system that you can’t get to every week and want a reliable option that, if needed, can easily be replenished by onsite staff.

It’s more than water treatment. It’s a win for the end-user, water treaters, and AP Tech. It’s providing safe working conditions, reducing carbon footprint, improving cleanliness of work areas, realizing cost savings, and much more. Switching to solids will positively impact our world and your bottom line, ensuring your water treatment systems will be adequately treated to control and help control scale, corrosion, and biological fouling to protect valuable assets (people and equipment).


Let our Solid Path guide you. Start with our “Best Fit Guides” to validate if solids will work for your system(s), and if it’s a  fit, go to “SolidGuide” to determine the correct product and equipment in for the job. From there, our tools and resources will assist in ensuring your Solid Program is set up correctly to help you achieve unwavering Solid Success.


We are confident that we can help water treaters grow with solids competitively.  We have been manufacturing solid chemistry for over 20 years and developed trustworthy solutions with an expert team of Certified Water Treaters (CWT’s), chemists, and technical specialists. We are dedicated to working with water treaters and end-users to find your current Best Fit applications and discover additional opportunities.

Whether converting from liquids or alternative technologies or setting up a new system, our goal is to help the conversion or set-up process be simple using tools and technologies we’ve developed so you can be confident in choosing this optimal solution. We share the common goal of delivering optimal chemistry to achieve optimal results to protect high-value assets, people, and the environment.