The enduroTEQ Ultra-M and the Ultra-G are compatible and recommended for use with AP Tech solid chemistry discs.

Both the Ultra-M and Ultra-G can hold up to 4 discs.  Simply remove the  recyclable plastic covering from the disc, then place inside the dissolver (one on top of the other.) “Top off” discs as needed.

One case consists of eight, 6″ discs. Each disc is individually wrapped in 100% recyclable plastic and weighs approximately 5 pounds each.

Like most AP Tech solid chemistry products, discs have a shelf life of 2  years. If stored properly (in a dry area that is under 100ºF) the shelf life may be extended as we have tested product that is 5 years old with no degradation of actives.

No special storage or containment is required for discs, but we do recommend storing them in dry areas that are under 100ºF to maximize shelf life. Discs are easy to store and can be stacked on a shelf or in a cabinet. They are small (6″ diameter) and lightweight (5 pound/disc.) Each disc is wrapped in 100% recyclable plastic.