How Solid Chemistry Can Help Your Facility

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We feel it’s important to acknowledge the precautions and business practices that have been put into place to help to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure continuity of product supply. At AP Tech, we manufacture products that are of need to the Critical Infrastructure Industry as defined by the Department of Homeland Security. This includes industries such as healthcare, pharmaceutical and food supply. Our products help to ensure that onsite utilities which require water to continue to operate safely, efficiently and effectively without interruption. 


We’d like to share with you three major benefits of using a solid-chemistry program (in contrast to a liquid-run program) during this trying time.

1. Solid Chemistry is Easy and Safe to Ship

UPS and Fed-Ex are the main carriers we use to drop ship direct to site.  Our product can go directly from our shelves to you or your customers door. Consider the benefit of eliminating a middle-person handling your material. That person may have to enter a restricted area, get through additional security and potentially populated places to get the product to site. (Think drums of heavy chemical being pushed in an elevator and/or through a congested lobby or office). Because we can ship direct, we can eliminate these types of unnecessary touches which will help keep you or essential employees safe and healthy!


2. Our Products are Easy and Safe to Handle 

Take the example above a step further. Imagine you’ve shipped your product directly to your facility or your customers facility. An on-site person (essential employee) can add solids with little instruction or be directed remotely by phone. There is no danger of spilling, splashing or dripping liquid chemistry – all of which can cause slips, falls, and the potential for chemical burns. Solid chemistry will eliminate this liability and most importantly, keep people safe. With many of our products weighing 12 pounds or less, our bottles and discs are simple to pick up and place in our dissolvers. For systems that might be using liquid chemistry currently with no means of replenishment of inventory, we also offer products in TABS and Stick form. These simple, small, lightweight options can be directly added to supplement a liquid program with a simple to apply application regiment.  No need for controls, pumps or excessive personal protective equipment (PPE).  Simply apply based on recommendations by your water treatment provider. It’s that easy.


3. The Easy and Safe Solution You Can Trust


Our products are made with the highest quality raw materials, ensuring you receive a product equal to or better than available liquid formulations. Simply put, we like to say, “Same Chemistry, Different Form.” You are simply removing the dangers and risks of handling and shipping heavy, hazardous liquid chemistry and getting product in a safe, solid form.


We’d like to help you keep your systems running smoothly and efficiently during these uncertain times. We’d also like to keep you and/or your customers safe.  If you would like more information about how we can help over the next few months, and into the future, please reach out.

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