Preparing Your Cooling Tower for Summer

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Spring has finally arrived – well at least on the Calendar. Time to start planning for the startup of your cooling towers. Want to make it easier this year? We have a solution – APTech Group’s Sticks products.

With conventional liquid treatment it’s always a hassle to draw out a couple of quarts, or gallons depending on the size of your system and lugging that up to the cooling tower to add to the recirculating water when you start up. The alternative – turn on your chemical pump for a whatever the equivalent time is to dispense the correct amount into the recirculating line before you put load on the system. But don’t forget to turn off the pump – or you’ll have foaming to deal with.

With our Sticks, one stick of the inhibitor added to the tower at startup will give you the proper amount of treatment for 4,000 system gallons. For an 8,000 gallon system – just throw 2 sticks in the sump. They’ll dissolve just fine without you having to do anything more. Even the wrap of the stick is water soluble – no fuss, no muss.

While you’re at it, add sticks of our DTEA II product, a great dispersant to make sure you get everything taken care of.