Highly active chemistry that fits in the palm of your hand

TABS Increase Safety and Reduce Cost


AP Tech offers a line of solid chemistry water treatment formulations in tablet form. TABS are used to treat water in solid chemistry programs and to boost liquid chemistry programs.

TABS provide a safe and convenient method for rapidly achieving correct start-up or maintenance dosing levels. TABS are designed to dissolve in water quickly, so it is possible to introduce products rapidly to your water treatment system.

Adding TABS to Liquid Water Treatment Programs

Boost your water treatment program with highly active chemistry that fits in the palm of your hand. Simply drop solid chemistry TABS in your system and go.

We use the highest quality raw materials and components for our solid chemistry formulations. Due to the synergies between our solid products and those used in liquid programs, TABS can be used as a compliment to boost liquid programs.

Rather than cranking more liquids in or pouring in liquids by hand, solid chemistry TAB formulations are very simple and safe to add to a system and rapidly get it boosted.

Switch to the Convenience of Solids

Solid chemistry water treatment tablets can be stored on a shelf or even in the service consultant’s vehicle. TABS eliminate the challenges of handling and storing hazardous liquid chemicals.

Solid formulations are comparable and synergistic with liquid formulations. Safer to handle, TABS provide you the ability to rapidly boost, clean, or address issues in a proactive and responsive manner.

TABS are packaged in pails or boxes that are easily disposed of. TABS are safe to handle, can be shipped in the mail, save space in mechanical rooms, and eliminate the costs and risks associated with liquids.

Whether for preventative maintenance or to solve an immediate problem, TABS are a great fit.