Will This Work in My System?

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Frequently I hear – “this looks good for small systems”, with the implication being that AP Tech Group’s blended solid concentrate water treatment products are limited to small systems. That is a misperception.

From a chemical standpoint, we use a mixture of liquid and solid versions of the same raw materials found in quality liquid blends. In other words, it’s the same actives you get with liquids.

From an operational standpoint, we are currently treating cooling systems in excess of 10,000 operational tons (and we not are limited to that size), and over 100,000 pounds per hour steam production. Our chemicals are used in steam boilers up to 1500 psig.

From a chemical feed standpoint we have made significant improvements with the introduction of the eductor feed systems, giving us effectively 18 gallons per hour chemical feed – with one eductor, and each dissolver can handle up to three eductors at the same time. We will soon be introducing a new form of the product that will allow us to maintain up to 40 lbs of solid product on line at a time – the equivalent of 55 gallons of liquids in actives.

If you have any questions about our ability to handle your specific system needs, please contact us – we’ll show you how we can do it!!