World Water Day

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March 22nd is World Water Day. How are you going to recognize this event? Why do we even have to recognize water? Simply put, water is a limited resource. While 75% of the earth is water, only 1% is in a useable form. While not a diminishing resource, it is limited.

Water has unique properties: it can be used to heat or cool. It can be made into a gas (steam), or a solid form (ice.) It can provide life, or in the event of pollution, death. We rely on it many ways that we may never recognize.

At AP Tech, we deal with ways to conserve and reuse this valuable resource every day. Our products are designed to not only conserve water, but do so in a safe, economical and environmentally friendly manner.

We provide our distributors with tools to help them find the best solution for their customers, and our “tools” can help conserve this valuable resource. Visit our safety & sustainability page to learn about the benefits of solid chemistry water treatment and let us help you find a distributor today.