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New tools to introduce customers to the innovative solid chemistry water treatment stick.

In the water treatment industry, change doesn’t happen easily or quickly, but when the right partners come together, anything becomes possible. In answer to the many water treatment challenges customers face around the world, AP Tech developed the innovative solid chemistry water treatment stick. Everyone in the water treatment business is familiar with liquid programs, but not everyone has had the chance to explore the benefits of running a program with solids or using solids to boost a liquid program.

Sticks are an easy way to introduce solids to the other members of your water treatment team and to your customers. We wanted to provide a quick but thorough explanation of the benefits and uses for sticks. Take a look, it’s easy to see why more and more water treatment professionals are making the switch to solids.

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Sticks Informational Brochure
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Solid chemistry water treatment sticks can be stored on a shelf or even in the service consultant’s car in a bag. Sticks eliminate the challenges of handling and storing hazardous liquid chemicals. Safer to handle, sticks provide you the ability to rapid boost, clean or address issues in a proactive and responsive manner. 

Sticks are packaged in PVA materials which dissolve in water during use, so you won’t have pails or drums to dispose of. Sticks are safe to handle, can be shipped in the mail, save space in mechanical rooms, and eliminate the costs and risks associated with liquids.

Whether preventative maintenance or to solve an immediate problem, sticks are a great fit.