APTech Group Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary

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Recent Growth Fuels Future for Manufacturer of  Sustainable Solid Water Treatment Products

January 7, 2012 – APTech Group was formed in 2002 by Jim Heimert and a couple of partners. The firm has grown steadily during those early years culminating in 20+% growth each of the past two years.

APTech will be celebrating its anniversary in several ways this year. One way is to spruce up and add to the firm’s logo, with a special 10th anniversary treatment:

“We’re proud of the mark we are making in the use of sustainable, efficient solid water treatment chemicals. And we’re looking forward to celebrating our anniversary all year long,” said Jim Heimert, CEO.

About APTech Group

APTech’s EnduroSolv® Water Treatment products enable cleaner, greener and safer cooling tower, closed loop systems and boiler water treatment solutions. EnduroSolv® is a proprietary form of solid water treatment chemicals that allow the mixing of several chemical components into one chemical, without the addition of hazardous chemicals. The resulting solid products are less expensive to ship and safer to store and use than traditional liquid water treatment chemicals. APTech offers a complete line of EnduroSolv® products, utilizing best of breed, proven water treatment chemistry combinations designed to correct most types of raw water problems, such as varying ranges of hardness, pH, and alkalinity.

EnduroSolv® products are supplied and serviced by over 100 distributors in the United States. Additionally, EnduroSolv® products are exported to Canada, Mexico, South America, China UK and Europe. APTech Group was nominated for the EPA’s 2010 Presidential Green Chemistry Award. For more information contact Tim Barngrover at tim.barngrover@aptechsolids.com or 513 247 2467 or visit www.endurosolv.com or www.aptechgroup.com.