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EnduroSolv® with duroTrace™ Revolutionizes Dosing and Monitoring of Cooling Tower Products

September 15, 2012 – APTech Group, Inc. is proud to announce the introduction of duroTrace™, now available in all EnduroSolv® cooling tower products.

duroTrace™ is a detectable UV dye that is blended into the EnduroSolv® product slurry during production, and allowed to cure into a Solid State form. EnduroSolv® solid water treatment chemicals with duroTrace™ are dissolved at the point of use, through an automatic, patented dissolution system, and introduced into the cooling tower water. The system water can then be continuously and remotely monitored for accurate, consistent dosing of the product. Now EnduroSolv® distributors/water treatment service providers have the ability to remotely track the dosing and performance of EnduroSolv® solid cooling tower water treatment chemicals.

Facility managers can enjoy all the shipping, safety and sustainability benefits of EnduroSolv® cooling tower solid water treatment products, while feeling confident that their water treatment professional is serving the product dose that is consistent and appropriate for the cooling tower’s specific needs. And with the use of the in-line probe and optional eService online tracking, facility managers can be sure that their equipment is being treated in the most efficient manner possible.

Plus, in combination with EnduroSolv® disc products and feeder option along with the Eductor dosing system, much larger cooling tower systems can be managed with EnduroSolv® solid cooling tower water treatment chemicals from APTech Group.

About APTech Group, Inc.

APTech Group’s EnduroSolv® Water Treatment products enable cleaner, more sustainable and safer cooling tower, closed loop systems and boiler water treatment solutions. EnduroSolv® is a proprietary form of solid water treatment chemicals that allow the mixing of several chemical components into one chemical, without the addition of hazardous chemicals. The resulting solid products are less expensive to ship and safer to store and use than traditional liquid water treatment chemicals. APTech Group offers a complete line of EnduroSolv® products, utilizing best of breed, proven water treatment chemistry combinations designed to correct most types of raw water problems, such as varying ranges of hardness, pH, and alkalinity.

EnduroSolv® products are supplied and serviced by over 175 distributors in the United States. Additionally, EnduroSolv® products are exported to Canada, Mexico, South America, China, Australia, New Zealand, England and Europe. APTech Group was nominated for the EPA’s 2010 Presidential Green Chemistry Award and is a member of the US Green Building Council.

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