Real “Green” vs. Fake “Green”

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simpsons-movie-dome-1Real “Green” vs. Fake “Green”

Channel surfing last night led us to a re-run of the movie “The Simpsons”. This was the movie where the whole town of Springfield was put under a glass bubble by the EPA due to their (Homer’s, naturally) inability to cope with years of dumping toxic waste into Lake Springfield. The crux of the story is that while the citizenry as a whole finally wake up to fix the problem, it only takes a handful to tip the balance and ruin it for everyone.

The movie allowed my mind to wander about the whole environmental movement and the misguided efforts of many to wrap an existing product into a new package in order to call it “green”. These items cover the whole spectrum of offerings-from gadgets that attach to domestic water pipes with promises to “soften” the water without conventional salt chemistry – to products that have been “certified green” by some agency that only requires a fee for this certification – to items such as light bulbs that extend the life of the bulb and require less energy, but are loaded with environmentally hazardous materials.

Fortunately, our Solid-Concentrated Water Treatment is not one of those products. We don’t pretend or promise a panacea for eliminating all aspects of dealing with chemical water treatments, but we have made great strides in providing a product that eliminates most of the hazards of shipping and handling of corrosive liquid products. Simply put, Solid-Concentrates by APTech Group:

• use existing water treatment technology
• is produced in a different form
• is easier and safer to use
• is more environmentally friendly

So, if you are in need of a best-of-breed water treatment program for cooling tower, closed loop system or boiler applications, we encourage you to consider APTech solid-concentrates. You’ll get the water treatment you need, plus really help to sustain the environment.