Press Release: APTech Continues to Develop Innovative Products

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Water Treatment Manufacturing Company Continues to Develop Innovative Products

APTech Partners with DOW Chemical on DURO-K7G and launches new equipment line, enduroTEQ, at the AWT Convention

CINCINNATI, OH – September 28, 2016 – APTech Group recently exhibited at the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) annual convention in San Diego, California. The AWT convention is the only convention whose sole focus is on the industrial water treatment industry and sees over 1,100 water treatment professionals visit its exposition. As in years past, APTech showcased their solid, safer and more sustainable products for boilers, cooling towers and closed loop systems. This year APTech featured two new innovative products they recently introduced to the marketplace: the Ultra-S dissolver and DURO-K7G™.

The Ultra-S is the first offering in APTech’s equipment line, enduroTEQ™. The Ultra-S dissolver was well received in the industry at the AWT exposition. Matt Horine, Vice President of Engineering and instrumental in the development of enduroTEQ™ said, “Taking into account feedback of past dissolvers, the Ultra-S was designed with a smaller footprint, sleeker appearance and is easier to install; this will be valued in the field.” He added that the “future smart capabilities will allow the Ultra-S to be monitored remotely and keep track of its operation.”

DURO-K7G™, in which they collaborated with DOW Chemical, is an EPA registered isothiazolone biocide in granular form. APTech’s Global Technical Director, Mike Hunter, partnered with DOW Chemical in an article published in Water & Waste Digest (W&WD) titled “Solid Answer” describing the benefits of the new biocide. The article stresses the importance of proper treatment of water in cooling towers to prevent biofilm that can “impede a tower’s efficiency, increase corrosion and provide a safe haven for bacteria like Legionella to grow.” The article then states the advantages of using the granular DURO-K7G™ in preventing that type of biofilm and additionally points out that it weighs less, reduces shipping costs and reduces carbon footprint compared to traditional, dangerous liquid treatment.

Since its startup in 1999, APTech Group has prided itself on being the leader in developing and manufacturing safer and more sustainable products for the water treatment industry. APTech anticipates continued success with the addition of cutting-edge products such as DURO-K7G™ and with the launch of their new equipment line, enduroTEQ™. APTech is excited to embrace the future of water treatment and looks forward to constantly and consistently improving the products and equipment within the industry.

About APTech Group, Inc.

APTech Group is a global manufacturer of blended solid concentrate water treatment products and equipment with headquarters and blending facility located in Blue Ash, Ohio. Blended solid concentrate products provide a clean, green, and safe alternative to treat water in cooling towers, boilers and closed loop systems. APTech Group offers a complete line of proven water treatment products designed to manage most types of raw water components, such as varying ranges of hardness, pH, and alkalinity.

Today, APTech Group blended solid concentrate products are supplied and serviced by over 100 water treatment partners in the United States. Additionally, APTech Group blended solid concentrate products are exported throughout Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Malaysia and Thailand. There are an estimated 10,000+ installations of APTech Group’s blended solid concentrate water treatment products worldwide.

APTech Group has been nominated for the EPA’s 2007 and 2010 Presidential Green Chemistry Award. They have also been a finalist in the Cincinnati Business Courier Green Awards, several local chamber of commerce business award competitions, and have been ranked in the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing privately held companies for five consecutive years. For more information visit


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