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Lately the weather in Cincinnati has been up and down. Highs in the mid-60s one day followed by single-digit temps the next. The other day we had a high of 15F…this is the day that my furnace decided to call it quits. It turned out the heat exchanger was literally falling apart as well as some other cracks (it was 21 years old). Luckily I had installed a fireplace a few years back, so we are able to limp by for now. I now need to get a new furnace installed.

There are plenty of options when buying a new furnace. How many BTU’s do you need? Is the upgrade to 96% efficiency worth it? What is the ROI on that? 2-stage gas valve? Variable speed blower? Do I go ahead and do the A/C since it is probably about to stop working? How does one decide?

I’m a pretty handy guy. I’m sure I could have gone to the hardware store, bought one, and installed it myself. But what if I do it wrong? Who would support it if it goes out while I’m away and my family is stuck at home in the cold? Having a good HVAC company is key. They were able to help me choose the right options for my house, install it, and will fix it if something goes wrong. Its more than just buying a furnace, it’s buying the added service as well. The company behind the product is just as important as the product itself.

Water treatment is no different. APTech goes beyond just supplying you with solid water treatment chemicals. We are available to help you choose the right product for the application, provide you with sales tools to land new accounts, and will support you with whatever questions and issues you have along the way.

-Written by David Naylor, Engineering Manager at APTech Group