Make the Switch – Earth Day 2020

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Earth Day and Solid Water Treatment Goes Hand in Hand

Today is Earth Day – the annual day in which we reflect on ways to help increase awareness and appreciate the environment. The first Earth Day was held in 1970 and is held on April 22 of each year. Though the remembrance of this day may be overshadowed by the current state-of-affairs, (COVID19 and the recovery efforts of the Pandemic) it is still easy to find people trying to make the Earth a better place. 

In fact, my 2nd grade daughter was given a school assignment  with many things she wanted us to do at home to help the Earth. She started off by checking all our faucets for leaks/drips. She told us we had to turn off the lights in rooms we were not in and she even wanted us to unplug all the appliances in each room when we left it. 

My favorite though, was when she asked if I could start using old cooking oil in my car instead of gas! It was hard for her to understand that I couldn’t just start filling my car up with the old cooking oil. (They had read an article about a car that was able to run on this type of oil and thought that every car had that capability!) 

What she did understand though, after a little explaining, was how the AP Tech line of solid chemistry water treatment chemicals was making a difference in the environment. I explained to her that not only do our chemicals help re-use water, but they also reduce the carbon footprint. (As you might imagine, the concept of carbon footprint also took a little explaining). 

But when I told her that if every facility in the United States switched to AP Tech products, it would be like taking 52,000 cars of the roads (from a carbon footprint standpoint), she was able to understand that! And as was the case his desire for me to switch from gasoline to old cooking oil, she instantly wanted to know why everyone wasn’t using our products so that all those “cars” could be removed from the roads! I wish everyone could think this simplistically and just make the switch

Besides helping the environment, AP Tech solid chemistry water treatment has many benefits that could help your facilities water treatment needs. If you would like additional information please let us know and we can get you in contact with a distributor. Happy Earth Day!