Keeping Up on Equipment – Advantages of the Ultra-M

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The Versatile Solution for your Dissolving Needs

These days it’s hard to keep up with the latest versions of anything. Each morning we awake to multiple announcements introducing the latest technological advances and updates on everything from smart phones to cars – news, emails, tweets, videos and so on! It’s very easy to feel lost or overwhelmed with all that is going on. So, the question is: are you feeling unsure if you are up to date with AP Tech’s newest generation of solid chemistry dissolver? If your answer is “yes” then this blog is for you.

Over the course of the past six months you may have noticed our phase out from the endurTEQTM Ultra-S to our replacement innovation, the Ultra-M.  AP Tech has dedicated substantial time and research to create the newest generation of solid chemistry dissolving technology. The Ultra-M was designed for increased reliability, quality and durability so our solid chemistry can be dissolved with confidence given any situation.

The Ultra-M is our most versatile dissolver ever. It was built with the same sleek look and design as the previous version, but with the advantage a non-electric mechanical level system and integrated flow control providing accurate chemical dosing for a variety of water treatment systems. It can be coupled together with multiple units to deliver chemistry to any system – large or small. Making a switch to the Ultra-M is a breeze. If you’re currently using the Ultra-S we even have a conversion kit for you. The conversion only takes a few minutes – here’s a short video to show you how.

AP Tech maintains a dedicated expert team and sales collateral to assist in answering your questions regarding the Ultra-M. Links to resources are posted below for your convenience. We are always here to support your water treatment needs and are confident that you can depend on our solid chemistry to provide a safer, cleaner and easier option in assisting cooling towers, boilers and closed loop systems to operate efficiently.


Ultra-M Product Overview

Ultra-M Manual

Ultra-S to Ultra-M Conversion Video

Written by: Megan Marquardt

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