How To Choose the Ideal Water Treatment Consultant

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Checklist3Picking a product line for your facility ought to be easy – “I want something Greener, Safer and more environmentally friendly”. That is why we manufacture solid water treatment products at APTech Group, Inc.

Picking a company to partner with seems to be more of a challenge. What should you expect from your Water Treatment Consultant? How important is cost? How can this company help me do a better job of Protecting my equipment, improving my Energy Efficiency, training my staff, problem solve and effectively communicate with our company and our staff.

Sometimes we take the easy approach – which company can provide me water treatment products and services at the lowest cost. Not bad on the money saving approach, but how much are you really going to save? In most facilities water treatment costs represent 0.5% to 1.0% of their Operating Budget. If you could magically cut that in half – and get all the things you really expect from your partner – what would you really save – 0.25-.50% of your budget.

A substantial part of the growth we are realizing is a direct result of the outstanding Partner network we have with over 200 distributors covering North and South America from Alaska and Canada, to Brazil and Argentina; from the Far East to Europe. These are the companies that can provide you the real savings in Operating Costs and do it with solid water treatment products that provide all of the things you are really looking for.

To find a distributor near you, click here and we will provide you with a qualified Water Consultant that can help be part of your profits, not your costs.

Written by Fred Lattin