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System stressed? Sticks give water treaters the relief they need, fast.

It’s summertime and many cooling tower systems are stressed out. If you’re running a water treatment program in a stressed system, solid chemistry sticks can help relieve the pressure.

Pain points of a stressed system:

  • Water scarcity, water reuse, and environmental concerns present challenges for cooling water systems. Stressed systems don’t operate efficiently and can cause expensive equipment problems or downtime.
  • There are incremental costs to add an additional liquid chemical to your program. Additional liquid chemicals also require additional storage footprint and handling of hazardous chemicals.

How solid sticks help a stressed system out?

Rather than cranking more liquids in or dumping in more liquids in by hand, solid chemistry stick formulations are very simple and safe to add to a system and rapidly get it boosted rapidly.

The raw materials and components for solid and liquid chemistry formulations are comparable (and in some cases solids are superior) for water treatment programs.

  • Stick formulations compliment just about every liquid program for water treatment out there and help with scale or online surface scale removal cleaning.
  • Easily boost polymer levels in high-stressed water conditions.
  • Achieve proper dosage levels after water has changed.
  • Proactively address water balance issues from trying to conserve water and push cycles.
  • If you don’t want to have additional maintenance liquid chemicals onsite for scale and corrosion, or as a compliment for slug dosing, periodic cleanings, or periodic maintenance, sticks are a perfect solution.
  • Sticks are safe to handle and can even be stored in your car. They provide easy access to boost a system without having to handle hazardous drums and pails of liquid chemicals.

How are sticks added?

The nice thing with sticks is you don’t need a pump. You’re not transferring liquids from one container to another or to the point-of-use, you add the stick directly. Boost your program easily:

  • directly to the cooling tower basin or the sump
  • directly to a side treat filter, like a pot filter or feeder filer, if the basin or sump isn’t accessible


Any of our stick products for treating high-scale forming waters can be added to any liquid chemistry water treatment programs. If you lost pump prime or your chemical delivery wasn’t going to arrive until later in the day and you are out of inventory, simply toss in a few sticks and get treatment levels up to where they need to be.


C-PEN dispersant -There are liquid equivalents out there, but often, the water treatment provider or end user doesn’t want to have another liquid chemical onsite but they were seeing some biofouling or biofilm. Solid chemistry sticks are easy to add to the system to do a quick rapid cleaning.