AP Tech Release New App – SolidGuide

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Time-Saving App Created to Ease Water Treaters Dilemma


AP Tech developers recently created an app that will alleviate pain that water treatment consultants experience when completing cumbersome site surveys. In an effort to determine a correct water treatment program for a cooling tower, boiler or closed loop system, filling out a site survey is necessary. The site surveys typically entail completing multiple calculations and answering application related questions regarding water conditions.

 “Survey forms are often time-consuming and require drawn-out calculations, leaving people frustrated or unsure. Our team answered the call to develop a solution to these frustrations.,” says Matt Horine, Managing Director of AP Tech. Enter SolidGuide.

SolidGuide allows for the user to simply answer water condition and general application questions and then, within seconds, the app generates a custom report detailing a solid chemistry water treatment program for their specific application. The report includes both chemical and equipment program recommendations as well as pump size suggestions.

In addition to the site surveys, the app houses calculators, product catalogs, easy-to-download SDS’s and Product Bulletins.

David Naylor, AP Tech App Developer and Engineering Manager, noted, “The app has everything you need to build a solid chemistry water treatment program. The sleek design guides you through the survey process quickly and easily.”

The app is now available for download from the App Store and Google Play. AP Tech distributors are also able to use the web app through the distributor website.

Founded in 1999, AP Tech now serves over 200 water treatment partners who supply AP Tech’s solid chemistry technology and equipment to water treatment programs to over 10,000 customers in North America, Central America, South America, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand.