AP Tech Featured on “Scaling UP! H2O” Podcast: “Unleashing the Power of Solid Dissolver Technology”

AP Tech was recently featured in a podcast episode of  “Scaling UP! H2O,” which aired Friday, July 14th. Matt Haikalis, CWT (VP of Sales, AP Tech), and Matt Horine (President, AP Tech) joined podcast host Trace Blackmore, CWT (Blackmore Enterprises) in an episode that explores the transformative power of solid technology and its impact on the industry. Key highlights of the interview include:
  • Winning AWT’s Supplier of the Year: Gain insights into AP Tech’s journey and the process behind achieving this prestigious recognition.

  • Exploring Solid Chemistry vs. Liquid Chemistry: Discover the key differences, benefits, and practical applications of solid chemistry solutions in the water treatment field.

  • Equipment and Implementation: Learn about the necessary equipment and considerations for implementing solid dissolver technology, ensuring a seamless transition.
  • Troubleshooting Tips: Get expert advice on overcoming common challenges when starting to use solid chemistries and optimizing their performance.
“The Scaling UP! H2O podcast is renowned for delivering insightful conversations with industry experts, offering valuable knowledge, and sharing success stories that inspire water treatment professionals worldwide.” Press Release: Scaling Up! H2O Podcast – Unleashing the Power of Solid Dissolver Technology
Source: Press Release: Scaling Up! H2O Podcast – Unleashing the Power of Solid Dissolver Technology