AP Tech Expands Technical Support Team

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AP Tech Strengthens Its Technical Support Team with Hire of Evan Sturm—


As a technical sales specialist, Evan provides technical guidance and support to water treatment partners nationwide. In this technical consultant role, Evan is responsible for providing education and building understanding of the options and benefits of solid chemistry for water treatment as compared to liquid chemistry programs.

“Evan expands our technical capabilities for optimizing programs that already use solids, helping partners determine if making the switch from a liquid program to a solid chemistry program is right for their customers, and boosting liquid programs with complimentary solid sticks,” said Matt Horine, AP Tech Managing Director.

Evan supports partners as they research their customer’s needs and helps them recommend the most efficient and effective water treatment program. He consults on products, equipment, applications, or individual water treatment situations.

Evan regularly seeks input from distributors in the field about what challenges they face and where AP Tech can help. He conducts trainings on solid chemistry products and consults on where solids are best used and best practices for using them. He conducts business reviews to help water treatment professionals optimize and strengthen programs.

“Prior to joining AP Tech, I had seen solids in the field and was curious. I had been in a lot of situations where I wished I had a product like AP Tech’s solids. I often had to carry in 5-gallon pails of liquid chemistry because there was no way of getting bulky and cumbersome 30-gallon drums where I needed them. The 5-gallon pails were the only option, but the systems were big enough that they required the pails to be swapped out every few days. So, if you don’t have an attentive staff who is properly trained to handle hazardous liquids, you won’t have an effective program.”   

Evan continues, “Having a product that consolidates all of your active ingredients into a solid product makes your entire water treatment program have a smaller footprint. It’s easier to handle and easier to implement. I really believe solids deserve broader adoption and traction in the water treatment market place.”   

Prior to joining AP Tech, Evan gained field experience as a water and energy manager focusing on product implementation, equipment diagnoses and trouble-shooting, and installing and repairing equipment. Evan holds a Mechanical Engineering Degree from the University of Cincinnati. If you have a technical question or would like to reach out and say hello, contact Evan here.