AP Tech Expands Product Line with Tableting Acquisition

Safe and Sustainable Solutions Manufactured at New Global Headquarters


AP Tech Group, Inc. has expanded its manufacturing capabilities with tableting technology.  With the acquisition of 3 tableting presses, AP Tech has the ability to make products ranging from 1 gram to 230 grams in size, approximately the dimensions of a pill to the size of a hockey puck. 

This new manufacturing capability will lead to additional safe and sustainable solutions for water treatment applications where the shipping, handling and storing of liquid chemicals is becoming increasingly less desirable, especially from a health, safety and environmental perspective. 

The first product to be commercialized is a nitrite-based corrosion inhibitor product for closed loop systems, L1-C-TABS.  Additional products AP Tech will be looking to develop includes and is not limited to:

    •           Molybdate and silicate-based closed loop corrosion inhibitors
    •           Azole supplements in various tablet sizes for yellow metal corrosion inhibition
    •           Anti- and de-foamers for cooling tower and process water