Adapting to Social Distancing – How Solid Chemistry Can Help

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Hopefully everyone and their families have remained well during these changing times.  The presence of COVID-19 has certainly changed many aspects of our lives and the way in which we manage the activities in our lives.  I’m sure everyone is missing something that was normal to them; going to the movies, eating out, watching a baseball game or just simply taking a little time to browse the shelves on a shopping trip.  The heightened awareness of contact with other people has led to those activities coming to a halt and making some adjustments in how activities that must continue are carried out.

With the changes in how we live trickling down to how goods and services are provided throughout our economy, we believe that AP Tech’s technology is well suited for the era of social distancing.  Many of the facilities in the industries that remain open and must do so to ensure our country remains safe and healthy, will need to continue to have the water in their utility systems treated so that they run as effectively, efficiently and safely as possible.  Products for these systems are often delivered in pails, drums, or totes with heavy, diluted liquids. Because of their volume they require either frequent delivery or a large area on-site to make sure that the inventory needs are satisfied. With AP Tech’s solid, concentrated products for cooling towers, boilers and closed loops the small packaging and high level of activity allows for a large quantity of inventory to be contained in a relatively small space.  A typical case of product would be in a fiberboard box that would be roughly one cubic foot in volume and would be approximately equivalent to a drum of liquid. 

So how does this solid, concentrated product in small packaging help with the social distancing?  With a relatively large inventory able to be maintained on site, it is possible to have many months of that inventory brought in during a single shipment as opposed to multiple shipments every month.  Eliminating the frequency of deliveries reduces the number of times a facility’s employees would have to interact with outside personnel.  All products can also be delivered via a parcel delivery service so the water treatment products that are needed to maintain the systems on site come in with the myriad of other goods that are delivered as parcels.  This eliminates the need for specialized delivery services having to spend time on-site.

Once the inventory is on site the ease continues.  It is simply is moved throughout the facility to the locations that require product.  The cases themselves weigh no more than 50 pounds and the individual units of product range from a quarter pound to 12 pounds, so all are very easily handled and added to a system by onsite personnel.  Certainly, the water treatment professional will provide guidelines as to how much product will need to be added and they will determine how that addition is managed, but the addition of the product itself if simple and straight forward.   

Whether you are an operator or manager of a facility with cooling towers, boilers and closed loops looking keep your personnel safe and healthy by minimizing contacts with outside personnel, or you are a water treatment professional looking to offer this benefit to your customer or prospect, please contact us and we can coordinate the best solution for you.

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