5 Simple Steps to Ensure a Successful Boiler Season

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By now, most of our customers have fired up their steam boilers for another winter season. Whether your season is seasonal, or year-around operation you rely on consistent operation of this key piece of equipment.* Next summer, most will be preparing these boilers for their annual inspection. What we all want to see is nice, clean boiler internals with a gun-barrel metal surface (no deposits), and protection from pitting (oxygen pitting).

There are a few simple steps to insure you have a successful boiler operating season – with no nasty surprises:

  1. Make sure your pre-treatment systems is operating properly and always providing good quality water for makeup.
  2. Keep plenty of oxygen scavenger (typically sulfite) in your boiler – particularly when that boiler is not the lead boiler – and check alkalinity and pH. 
  3. Follow your water treatment professional’s advice on proper chemical levels in the boilers and in the steam distribution system.
  4. If you haven’t had your boiler tuned up within the last year, get it done now. This will ensure maximum fireside efficiency. 
  5. Make any recommended fixes by the boiler inspector to ensure safe operations. 

Follow these simple steps and you’ll maintain maximum efficiency (lowest operating cost), reliable steam production – and NO SURPRISES when you open the boiler for inspection. 

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