Why System Volume is Important and the Benefits of Using PTSA TABS to Get Results

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Carrying Test Kit with PTSA TABS

5 Reasons Why PTSA TABS are a Must-Have for All Water Treaters

From my office I can hear the familiar sound of our tableting press coming from out in the manufacturing plant. It has been a steady sound since we launched our new product, PTSA-TABS. This music to my ears comes as no surprise as we make the claim that these TABS are a “must have for all water treaters.” Why do we make this claim? Because at some point in their career, all water treaters will need to determine system volume. So, why is accurate system volume important? Let’s examine a few reasons: 

1. For accurate slug dosing when trying to achieve a specific product concentration (biocides, dispersants, cleaners),  

2. For chemical half-life calculations when slug dosing to maintain a specific product concentration,  

3. For specific activities like cleaning processes (deposits, scale, microbiological, organics, surface prep for passivation),  

4. For hydraulic retention time calculations,  

5. For system volume turnover calculations, 

When using PTSA, versus something like molybdate or salt, you don’t have to worry about uptake or consumption or impurities depending on the grade of salt used.  With the use of PTSA being more common these days, utilizing online or hand-held fluorometers is simple and time-efficient versus titrants or colorimeter reactions.  

The convenience and size of these small, PTSA-TABS is a leading reason we believe these tabs have an advantage (over a liquid alternative.) One tab is just one inch in diameter and weighs only eight grams, so a tube can easily fit in your test kit.*  Like all of our solid chemistry products, these tabs are engineered to make your life easier and safer. I hope all water treaters get to experience our new PTSA TABS and discover the benefit of having this important tool on-hand.   

Let us know what you think of our new TABS, or direct questions to sales@aptechsolids.com and we’ll answer you promptly. 

 *See product bulletin in SolidGuide for details

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