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Fred Blog What's in your facility roomFor years facilities managed their water treatment needs using powdered treatments. This consisted of “day tanks” where powders of specific chemicals and water were added to the tank to make up a suitable blend for preventing scale and corrosion in their boilers and cooling equipment, and then pumped into the system.

 It worked, but required significant storage area for the pallets of the various powders, manpower commitments to make up the daily solutions, and, of course, there was fugitive chemical powder dust all over everything.

Then in the late ‘60s – early ‘70s, some bright marketer asked “what if we pre-blended the mix” and concentrated it and shipped it to them in drums? Voila – we now had our water treatment in a drum – getting rid of the nasty dust. Still we had significant space requirements to store both the full and empty drums.

One problem with this method – in order to make the product more concentrated, ph adjustment was required, typically requiring the addition of caustic to keep the components in solution. This required most of the products to be labeled “hazardous” and suitable personal protective equipment became necessary when working with the liquid blends.

In addition, you now had to pay for the transportation of water – the majority of what’s in the drum! Drum disposal became a major issue – there are 2 names on the drum: Yours and your suppliers. Not to mention we now had the challenge of moving 500 lb. drums around with the potential of hazardous spills.

In early 2000 we rediscovered solids – only this time we pre-blended the concentrate into a solid form:

No dust

No drum handling

No spills

Isn’t time to see what your Water Treater can do for you!

If they don’t handle solids, have them give us a call, or better yet, call us and we’ll put you in touch with a qualified water treater to help you gain better piece of mind.