The World's Leading Manufacturer of Solid Chemistry Technology

The World's Leading Manufacturer of
Solid Chemistry Technology

What is solid chemistry water treatment?

The smart choice for people, place, planet and profit.

Prevent and control scale, corrosion, and microbiological fouling (i.e. legionella) in your cooling, boiler, and closed-loop systems with solid chemistry water treatment technology by AP Tech. Since 2002, we’ve manufactured innovative solutions for your water treatment needs.

Replace all of your liquid chemical-filled drums with a fully-recyclable bottle that you can hold in your hand!

Our solid water treatment process enables mixing several chemical components into one container in a solid concentrate. Virtually all limitations of liquid chemicals are minimized or eliminated with solid chemistry innovation. Our solid chemistry water treatment products are manufactured based on best of breed, proven water treatment chemistry combinations. These products are transported in a low carbon footprint profile and applied easily at your site with a patented dissolving system.  You’ll receive all of the benefits of a well-run chemical program without the hassles and dangers of dealing with liquids.

Proven solid chemistry water treatment products deliver results with the utmost safetysavings, and sustainability.

  • No dangerous spills
  • Reduce shipping costs
  • Reduce workplace injuries
  • Eliminate expensive storage constraints
  • No disposal fees or hassle
  • Zero contribution to landfills

From Start to Finish


Manufacturing begins at our production facility in West Chester, Ohio, USA. Using the EPA’s Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry, we produce safe and reliable water solutions in multiple solid-concentrated forms (discs, bottles, tabs, sticks, bxd’s.)  Our in-house R&D and QA/QC labs assure that our chemistry is consistently delivering optimal results.

We ship globally to trusted distributors and end-users. Our network of distributors recognize the benefits of safer and more sustainable water treatment products and we work collaboratively to provide accurate and honest solutions to 20,000+ facilities worldwide.

Over 10,000 facilities have already made the switch to solids! Get our “Best Fit Guides” for cooling, boiler and closed loops.

Help make an impact! Switching to solid chemistry is best for people, place, planet and profit.

Solid chemistry is the stronger choice (over liquids) for organizations that have safety and sustainability goals. 

Discs are easy to store and stock, and allow for complete product use. Simply stack and go! 

Highly active chemistry that fits in the palm of your hand! TABS rapidly dissolve to introduce products rapidly to systems.

We want to help! See if solids are right for your systems and get to know the tools and technologies we offer.

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