Write solids into your next RFP (Request for Proposal) for water treatment.

Whether you’re building new construction or reviewing your current water treatment program, consider solid chemistry for a safer, more sustainable and cost-effective program over liquids. Solids can be tailored for a single building, a large facility, or a mega-campus.


A Cooling Tower on a 20 story office building produces 1,000 tons refrigeration. Estimated annual liquid chemistry, in 55 gallon drums, used to treat the water in this Cooling Tower would be:

• 12 drums of inhibition chemistry
• 4 drums of microbiological chemistry
• 4 drums of dispersant

In this example, the twenty 55 gallon drums are shipped 600 miles to the office building in trucks using diesel fuel.

Switching from traditional water treatment to APTech Group blended solid concentrate products would generate the following Carbon Dioxide (CO2) reductions (also known as Carbon Footprint savings):

Transport fuel savings826 lbs of CO2per year
Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) savings1,776 lbs of CO2per year
Plastic used reduced1,084 lbs of CO2per year
Total Savings3,686 lbs of CO2per year

These savings are comparable to leaving your car in the garage for 173 days and walking or taking public transportation. (Based on a vehicle that averages 10,000 miles / year @ 25mpg)

Check out why solid chemistry holds advantages over liquid chemistry: https://www.aptechgroup.com/our-advantage/safety-sustainability/

Our experienced team of water treatment experts (chemists, chemical engineers, chemical and equipment lab technicians, along with our operators and logistics team) are here to support you in making the switch to solid chemistry water treatment.
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