Cost Efficiency & Peace of Mind – The Ease of Shipping Solid Chemicals

As we begin the countdown to Christmas, I’m sure everyone has pretty much noticed all of the UPS and FedEx truck out delivering all of the website purchases people have made.  It sure is an easy way to send or receive packages that have been purchased during the holiday season. With safe, solid chemistry water treatment products, it is just as easy to send or receive the products you need to keep your cooling tower or boiler up and running as optimally possible.


 Just check out the UPS or FedEx websites ( or to see how affordable it can be to ship a 50 pound package with ground service from either company. Then in comparison, look at either of the LTL branches of those customers and see what it costs to ship a 500 pound drum.


A quick comparison like this will show that reducing the shipping and handling cost is one of the many advantages of using safe AP Tech solid chemistry water treatment products. So the next time you see a FedEx or UPS truck, don’t just assume it is filled with video games, sweaters, fruitcake or laptops…the products making the HVAC system at your office as efficient as possible might also be on board!  FIND A DISTRIBUTOR