AP Tech Partners with Star Solutions

AP Tech Group is excited to announce a partnership with Star Solutions. The two Cincinnati based companies have agreed to work together in an effort to optimize existing solid products and develop exciting new technologies for the water treatment industry.

AP Tech believes through this partnership they will be able to create value through real life case studies, product evaluation, and application knowledge.

“This was really a natural next step for us. We’ve worked closely with Star Solutions for over 15 years. The partnership we’ve developed will allow us to get closer to the point of application in the field and better understand how we can help water treatment companies around the world provide, safer, easier, and more convenient water treatment programs”  says Matt Horine, Managing Director of AP Tech Group.

Tom Wehby, Owner of Star Solutions agrees, “The real winner here is our customers. They will gain immediate access to new developments and technologies for water treatment, as well as, the experience and guidance of the AP Tech team. At Star Solutions this will free up our time to focus on our core business.”

Founded in 1999, AP Tech now serves over 200 water treatment partners who supply AP Tech’s solid chemistry technology and equipment to water treatment programs to over 10,000 customers in North America, Central America, South America, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand.