The Advanced Analytics business segment of AP Tech was established to distribute novel and valuable testing methods to our industry. Our offering includes the best available qPCR rapid test kit to be used by laboratories for Legionella bacteria identification and quantification.

This much improved and validated method for testing Legionella bacteria is now available using the well-established lab technique of qPCR. In many or even most applications, it will be replacing the problematic and outdated culture method.  


We are working with a partner to distribute their qPCR Legionella laboratory test kits for the water industry in North America.

  • AP Tech Advanced Analytics recognizes that the health concern caused by Legionella bacteria in building water supplies, cooling towers, spas, and elsewhere is a major issue, and will help to improve safety and water management plans by bringing the best qPCR test kits to the North American market.
  • AP Tech Advanced Analytics distributes rapid and accurate testing for Legionella bacteria including Legionella species(Legionella spp.) and Legionella pneumophila (with identification of serogroup 1 and serogroup 2-15) using the best qPCR method which is distributed by AP Tech.
  • AP Tech Advanced Analytics recognizes the culture method is difficult, ineffective, subjective, and takes many days (even up to 14 days) for results. While it may remain useful for outbreak source identification, the qPCR method with results available after 4 – 5 hours in the lab makes better sense for remediation work and regular monitoring.

View article by Dave Christophersen, CWT (Dave Christopherson Consulting LLC, AP Tech Senior Consultant) from THE ANALYST: THE VOICE OF THE WATER TREATMENT INDUSTRY: 

Key Benefits of Modern qPCR and Why It Is Better Than the Culture Method for Legionella Testing

(Christophersen, D. (2022, September 1). Key Benefits of Modern qPCR and Why It Is Better Than the Culture Method for Legionella Testing. The Analyst-The Voice of the Water Treatment Industry, 29(3), 14–24.)

Shark Tank Comedy:

What if we tried to propose a culture method for Legionella testing when a modern qPCR method was already established?

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