Case Study: APTech Group’s Blended Solid Concentrate System Simplifies Water Treatment in Large Casino Resort


A large casino resort in Ontario, Canada used liquid chemicals in their cooling towers. The liquids were kept in large storage tanks on the fifth floor and drums of chemical had to be hauled to the fifth floor feed station and transferred into the storage tanks. The storage tanks took up too much space to be located closer to the tower lines. The liquids were pumped via a long bypass loop to the cooling towers, however the line frequently clogged and needed regular cleaning, posing a safety issue for employees.  casino


An APTech Group national partner took over the water treatment program and suggested switching from liquids to the APTech Group’s blended solid concentrates. The compact size of this install would allow the feed station to be located directly in front of the tower lines, considerably shortening the bypass loop and eliminating the hassle of drum transportation and storage. An eductor feed system was recommended to replace chemical pumps for inhibitor and biocide feed. This would enable a greater feed rate to accommodate the large system and also allow for balanced feed throughout the temperature changes of all four seasons.


The APTech Group blended solid concentrates and eductor were installed and provided the proven results of a liquid program while allowing the facility to eliminate several challenges and safety hazards. The system’s simplicity of use

  • Reduced splash and spill concerns
  • Eliminated drum handling, storage, and disposal
  • Provided solid concentrate cases that were easily moved throughout the facility on a hand truck or cart

The blended solid concentrate system from APTech Group proved to be an innovative technology that solved a space and storage issue for a hard to reach location while improving upon the overall water treatment program results.