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Remove 5 Gallon Pails – Experience These 7 Benefits

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If you’re still using 5-gallon pails, now’s the time to stop. There is a better alternative to archaic, messy and potentially dangerous liquid chemistry.  

Here’s seven reasons to make the switch to solid chemistry today:

  • Improved Safety: Splashing and spilling of highly acidic or alkaline chemicals can result in falls or chemical exposure/inhalation thus creating hazardous areas. Solids eliminate chemical spills and risks during shipping, application and storage.
  • Easily Transport to Difficult– to-Access Locations: Remove the safety concern of carrying awkward- to-handle 5 gallon pails. Often, pails are carried to a roof via ladder, or to a remote location. This heavy lifting is risky. At just 11 pounds or less, solid chemistry poses little to no health risk.
  • Less Frequent Delivery/Less Refills Required: Solid Chemistry discs are stacked in the dissolver (up to 4 per dissolver) and allows for complete product use. Replace product as needed and less frequently
  • Sustainability: Solid chemistry packaging is recyclable and can simply be placed into a recycling bin. Liquid-filled drums typically require handling considerations, triple rinsing upon disposal due to their hazardous nature, and other restraints that come with associated costs.
  • Maximize Floor Space: Keep floor space free from obstruction (unlike bulky, liquid-filled chemical drums) and optimize facility square footage. Store cases of solid chemistry safely on shelves. No special containment required.
  • LEED PotentialCO2 reduction is a direct result of switching to solid chemistry. Assuming a 2,000-ton average load at 5 cycles of concentration, switching from liquids to solids can reduce CO2 emissions by 56 tons annually. In addition, solid chemistry can help achieve LEED credits.
  • Increased Savings: Save on freight costs when shipping lightweight chemistry discs, bottles, sticks and tabs. Liquids can cost almost four-times the amount of solids to ship. In addition, increase savings with solids as they do not require special containment or triple rinsing to be in compliance.

Grab a copy of our cooling “Best Fit Guide” to see if solids are right for you. Ready to make the switch?  Simply contact us and we’ll get you started.