Hospitals & Healthcare Groups Appreciate Safe & Sustainable Solid Chemistry Water Treatment Programs

The Healthcare industry continues to grow rapidly and face pressure on every front. Healthcare facility engineers face budget and manpower reductions at the same time they they face increased regulations by the Joint Commission, DOH, AIA, OSHA, CDC, ASHE and the ASHRAE Standard 188P. Environmentally focused trade organizations such as Practice Greenhealth and Healthier Hospitals Initiative are encouraging hospitals and other healthcare facilities to embrace the green mantra and focus on sustainability initiatives.

According to Rick Fedrizzi, President, CEO & Founding Chair, U.S. Green Building Council, “The healthcare industry is by far one of the more important sectors that can benefit from the practice of green building design and construction. Patients in green hospitals have greater emotional well-being, require less pain medication and other drugs, and have shorter hospital stays.”

Adele Houghton, Project Manager, Green Guide for Health Care has stated, “Green hospitals seek to reduce use of and exposure to toxic chemicals and provide a healthier healing environment. By employing green practices, whether incrementally or from the ground up, many hospitals are managing to lower energy bills, reduce waste and achieve healthier indoor air quality.” (

AP Tech’s solid chemistry for water treatment programs are the perfect solution for healthcare service provider facility management teams who are focused on improved sustainability and safety. 

Case Study – Solids Simplify Water Treatment for a Pharmaceutical Facility

Water Treatment Challenge:

A pharmaceutical facility in the Southeastern U.S. used liquid chemicals in their four cooling towers. Due to limited space around the cooling towers there was great difficulty moving large drums of liquid product to the point of use.

The cooling towers had to be hand fed several times a week due to the space constraints as well as lack of proper feed and control equipment. Furthermore, the cooling towers were not being properly treated for corrosion and microbiological fouling. The facility wanted to replace their problematic program with one that eliminated heavy drums and provided a feed system that would fit within their limited space.

Solving the Water Treatment Challenge with Solids:

AP Tech’s solid chemistry and dissolver technology along with automated controllers were installed for each cooling tower and have provided the proven results of a liquid program while allowing the facility to eliminate several challenges and safety hazards.

The new solids program is simple to use:

  • Reduced splash and spill concerns
  • Eliminated drum handling, storage, and disposal
  • Provided automated feed for a corrosion inhibitor, oxidizing biocide, and non-oxidizing biocide to enable proper treatment

Solids proved to be an innovative technology that solved a space and storage issue for a hard to reach location while improving upon the overall water treatment program results.

Our experienced team of water treatment experts (chemists, chemical engineers, chemical and equipment lab technicians, along with our operators and logistics team) are here to support you in making the switch to solid chemistry water treatment.
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